United Airlines NYC Half

Next Sunday, March 20, 2016 at 7:30am I will be running in the United NYC Half Marathon! I will be running all over Manhattan, from Central Park through Times Square to South Street Seaport with 20,000 other runners. Wife and I are flying out next Friday morning and arriving in New York around 11 AM. From there we will go check in to our hotel and then go down to the expo and pick up my running packet. We are going to play tourists until my run on Sunday and then we will leave in the afternoon and fly back to Texas.

This will be my 4th Half Marathon and I plan to record most of the event with my GoPro camera. To this day I have no idea why I keep running but I keep signing up for these events. I figured I should step it up a bit and start traveling more for these runs. New York will be the first of many cities I hope to run in. Next on my list are Chicago and San Francisco and maybe do a Disney Run either in California or Florida.

Money- this trip did hit my wallet pretty hard. The cost of the run itself was $125 and the airfare for both of us came out to $830. The hotel will be $214 per night but we are staying in Midtown so the cost is reasonable. Hotel should come out around $500 but we will need a lot of cabs and UBER so that will also add to the expenses. Meals, drinks and souvenirs will probably be another $500. I will probably take $300 in cash for tips and small purchases.

New York City here I come!! I cannot wait!!