State of Affairs

State of Affairs- not sure why I wanted to use that fancy title but here’a quick update on things. First of all you already know that WE are financial train wreck waiting to crash or collide with something and when that happens we may finally become responsible adults.

Credit Card: $7000! I can no longer control it, part of the problem is communication with spouse and daycare / daughter’s school is not helping me control costs. The old, we see it, we want it, we charge it still applies but I can’t make payments back fast enough.

Spending: This is bad, we pretty much do what we want and no longer really think about the financial repercussions that may follow. Wife is taking a girls trip next month so I also decided to take a guys trip. Together I’m already looking at $2,000. I need my time, she needs her, the kids are driving us crazy and pulling as apart so hopefully this helps but you can see how the ‘train’ is now going faster. Summer is never cheap and we are already looking at trips with the kids so that will probably be another $5,000- if anyone has tips on how to save money at Disney, leave a comment 🙂

Communication- there is none, like I said kids are not helping the marriage, it appears that we have lost all the love but we both hang in there for the kids and for the dual incomes- this is where the train may crash.

Income: cash savings is still 17,000 but I will probably have to get money from savings to send to the credit card. Cash at home is around $3,000 and the usual $1,000 emergency fund at BofA. I have 6 weeks vacation saved up which would equal around $8,000 in cash if I get laid off. Wife is going to a new school in the fall where all the rich people live so hopefully we start seeing new perks from the rich people (100 gift cards are always nice)… of course by then this train will probably have wrecked and who knows what will happen then…

This blog may not continue so read while you can!!