Four Steps to Ensure You Hire the Right Commercial Litigation Lawyer

Many business owners will run into various legal situations that require professional assistance from a lawyer. Everything from assistance preparing and reviewing contracts to fraud, protecting trade secrets and more are concerns that a commercial litigation lawyer may assist you with. Depending on the size of your community, there may be dozens or more lawyers in your local area specializing in commercial litigation law. It makes sense to hire a lawyer who can assist with your current problem and who may be your go-to legal specialist for all future needs. If you are preparing to hire a lawyer, walk through these steps to make a savvy hiring decision.

1. Focus on Your Industry

It is easy to assume that a contract issue in one industry would be the same as a similar issue in another industry. However, regardless of your specific and current needs for a lawyer, you may find that commercial litigation varies from industry to industry. For example, the issues that a restaurant owner may face may be dramatically different that what an energy company may face.

2. Pay Attention to Specializations

In addition to finding a lawyer or firm that works specifically with your industry, it is helpful to focus on specializations. Remember that you may want to hire a lawyer to assist you with both current and future needs. It is impossible to accurately determine all of your future legal needs, but you may be able to reasonably make an estimate. Securities, mergers, fraud and more may be handled by a commercial litigation lawyer.

3. Look at the Size of the Firm

One of the factors that many people fail to consider is the size of the firm. While there is something to be said for having one person handle all aspects of your legal needs, you may not receive as much attention from a smaller firm as you may with a larger firm that is fully-staffed. When you work with a larger firm, you may receive direct assistance from an attorney assigned to you. A legal assistance and others may also be assigned. Therefore, you will likely work with the same team within the firm.

4. Request Stats on Outcomes

Avoid assuming that all law firms would produce roughly the same results for you. Some firms have substantially better statistics on their case outcomes than others. Focus on stats related to out-of-court settlements as well as courtroom wins.

Your business understandably has a lot at stake with your upcoming legal issue. While you need to hire the right lawyer to represent you with this critical issue, it could benefit you to have a wider view and to consider your company’s future legal needs as well.