February 2016 Credit Card Updates

A few weeks ago I did a quick update on our credit cards so let’s take a look and see where we are as of today. On the link above you can see I had that pesky Best Buy balance lurking around and actually had to charge another gift to it but as of this morning the balance is ZERO. Best Buy offered me 0% interest for 18 months but why carry a balance if you can quickly pay it off. Sure it may not be costing me any money but mentally I know it was there and I owe them money. Here’s the latest balance for Best Buy, you can see it was a little higher when I got the statement in January:

CITI- The Thank You card is our main credit card and we charge a lot. The balance was close to $6,000 last week but luckily Uncle Sam rescued me and I was able to bring this down under $3,000. Below you can see the latest numbers, my goal is to try and keep this under $3,000 until June but there’s a lot of stuff coming up like my daughter’s birthday and a trip to New York City. I will try to use cash more often but most of the time it’s just easier to charge things. The Citi Forward card we really don’t use but it is the account linked to Amazon. I did not renew my Prime membership this year and wife is aware not to order anything so hopefully I can keep it with a zero balance. Here are the latest balances on Citi:

There you have it, all of our current credit card debt. Hopefully nothing crazy happens and I can bring this down a bit more. Life does happen but hopefully our paychecks can take care of most of that stuff. I need to be a bit more frugal, spend less and not chase those credit cards rewards.