Credit Card Rewards

Let’s take a look and see how many Citi Thank You points we redeemed last year. Points and rewards can be good and bad, we usually put everything on the credit card but as you’ve seen here we always overspend and charge way too much. I still do a lot of cash only but usually restaurants, gas and hotels still go on the card which means reward points. At some point I am going to quit playing this game but for now let’s see how much we got out of Citi:

Gift Cards- We got $375 to the stores you see below. You can also see the dates and the quantities. Most of these cost 10,000 points for $100, 5,000 for a $50 and 2,500 for a $25:

Amazon- My Citi Thank You account is linked to my Amazon account so having the points there at checkout makes them very convenient to use. This is where the bulk of my orders came from, you do get less money this way but having Prime makes up for it. I added up all the reward points and it came out to over 80,500 points redeemed last year. I’m not going to try and calculate the actual money amount so I will estimate it to be $750. Below you can see all of the orders for 2015, you can say we really like ‘stuff’. Sorry this list is very long:

Now you can see why I like using my credit card for everything but like I said, it always leads to debt!! I will post the credit card number next week.

Have a good day!