5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Commercial Litigation Attorney

Startups need a commercial litigation lawyer as much as they need ad administrator or accountant. Unfortunately, many startups opt to stay without a business attorney until litigation arises. You need a commercial litigation attorney to help you snuff out any legal conflict before it engulfs your company. You don’t have to wait until a legal matter arises to hire a business lawyer. While retaining an attorney may seem costly, it can help you to organize your legal affairs and reduce operational costs. Avoid these five mistakes the next time you will be hiring your business lawyer.

1. Prioritizing experience over trust

Every business needs a lawyer that has fundamental skills and experience in the legal landscape. However, you should never overlook the importance of hiring a trustworthy attorney. You should only hire someone that can fit your company’s culture. Referrals from friends and family can help you find an attorney that you can trust.

2. Overlooking lawyers with an extensive professional network

Remember your commercial litigation attorney will cover a broad spectrum of legal issues. You will seek legal counsel from your lawyer when registering trademarks, hiring employees, and during mergers and acquisitions. Hiring a lawyer that has an extensive professional network can help when it comes to navigating your local legal system. Such a lawyer can refer you to a specialist whenever you need specialized legal assistance. It doesn’t hurt to work with an attorney who has an extensive professional network.

3. Relying on online attorneys

Many cash-strapped businesses will often turn to online legal services. While online legal services can be less costly compared to hiring a lawyer, you still need the advice of an attorney. Online legal services only work for simplistic legal issues and can’t be tailored to complex business needs. Unlike a lawyer, you can’t sue an online legal service for screwing up your documents.

4. Handing over simple legal tasks to your attorney

Legal issues can often overwhelm you. As such, you can opt to hand over some of them to your lawyer and let him or her handle them on your behalf. However, there are certain legal issues that requires the involvement of the business owner. Business owners can learn to navigate things such as applying for a business license and writing a business plan.

5. Not asking for a flat legal fee

Don’t shy away from asking for a flat legal fee. That way, you will be certain about the cost of your legal issue. Flat fees can also be beneficial for a lawyer, especially if he or she can predict the cost of a legal task with confidence. You are not looking for the cheapest option when you hire a flat-fee lawyer. Instead, you want someone that can deliver the same value at a modest price.