Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The First Birthday

Exactly one year ago today I posted about the little one's birthday on this blog: 

I didn't really know what to say, this is the only thing that came to me:

'She's here, she's beautiful, she's healthy and breathing on her own. She's tiny, she's perfect! Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers'

As you already know, we celebrated with family and friends her first birthday last weekend. Yesterday she  had her first year check up and shots with the pediatrician. Everything looks good and we didn't have to pay any money. The doctor said we can move on to regular milk so that will save me close to $75 in formula per month.

Her gift from the wife and I was her very fancy birthday party. We also opened a 529 College Savings plan with  Merrill Edge. I have no idea if this is good or bad but at least we started saving for college. Here's the link for those that want to learn more about it. We put in $1,000 and last time I check it, it was already up to $1,004.59.

I wanted to share with you her first picture. She started out as 8 to 10 cells at the fertility clinic, you can also see her siblings there, 1 left the uterus (tried for twins) and 1 is still frozen:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY little one...


  1. That is a smart move on starting the college fund. And Happy Birthday to your Princess!

  2. Happy birthday to your baby!!!