Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Recap and December Spending

I can't believe 2012 is over, it was a great year for me and one that I will never forget. As far as money and debt I think we made some progress here and there. Below is a quick recap for the year, this is more for me but feel free to look if you're bored at work the day after the new year:

Credit Card Debt: I started 2012 with $9,788.61 in credit card debt. I was happy that I was under 10K but for some reason that number didn't change much until November when I mixed up the debt a bit.

January 2012: Volunteered for the Chevron Houston Marathon at the finish line. That month we were also looking for baby furniture and I also finished up painting and decorating the baby's room.

February 2012: I ran my first 10K, the ConocoPhillips Rodeo Run. My timing was 1:08 minutes. That same month I also started my low carb diet and managed to get my weigh down to 172 pounds! Our 2011 tax return that year was $1,989. That month is also when we said goodbye to our Discover Card, I'm proud to report that we have not used that card since then, the balance still zero.

March 2012: March is when the wife went on pregnancy bed rest and we also had the baby shower. That month is also when I paid off my Best Buy credit card but decided to charge a brand new TV to it a few days later. March was also when the wife spent a lot of time in the hospital but in the end it was all worth it since that month we welcomed our baby girl.

April 2012: April will be remembered as the month I paid off my Best Buy credit card again and happy to report I haven't used it since then. This is also the month I replaced my iPad and got some new sunglasses. Later on in the month I spent $50 dollars on 1 light bulb. April was also the start of all the medical bills, in total I think we paid well over $5,000 in medical bills for the year.

May 2012: Looks like the first week of May I spent $400. Around the same time I was complaining about never ending medical bills. That month I also blogged about our Juicy diaper bag and some of you had mixed reactions. I also complained about baby formula which I'm still buying today, now it's $60 every two weeks. The highlight in May was getting the credit card debt down to $6,672 not sure why I was complaining.

June 2012: In June 2012 I turned 33 years old. I decided to have the party at my parents house so everyone could see the baby. June was also the month I got our emergency fund up to $4,000 since the wife would not get paid again until September. Looks like that month I also went on a selling frenzy and purchased a new recliner. June was also the month I showed a few baby pictures on the blog.

July 2012: I don't see a lot of posts for July since that was the month I was thinking about ending this blog. July is also the month I confessed about my watch addiction.

August 2012: In August I was complaining about money and it looks like my emergency fund was down to $3,000. I was also complaining about a $1,096 medical bill. It looks like we went on a spending spree and charged $1,849 but the highlight of August was when the spouse and I both got raises at our jobs.

September 2012: September would start out with a guys night out which I still regret. September was also the month when I didn't have any work and stayed home all month. It looks like Citi gave us $175 in credit card rewards that month. That month also saw a light at the end of the tunnel when it came to medical bills. As usual I complained about life and staying home but the month would end on a high note since I landed a role in New York.

October 2012: In October I talked about living and traveling to New York. It was such a great project, made a lot of friends and got a great review. I miss all of it, it was a lot of fun. I think I went a little crazy there as you can see on this post. That month it looks like I was selling more stuff on eBay. I also talked a little bit about my time off from work and I was looking for the new iPhone 5 for me and the wife.

November 2012: November was when the iPad mini was released and I really wanted one. I'm proud to report that I got a new iPad mini for Christmas and it only cost me $1.80 out of pocket. I love this new iPad I will use it mainly for work. November is when my New York role ended, I found iPhone 5's, the baby was doing great and the money situation was good, you can find all the November updates on this post. That same month I charged a brand new mattress on our Macy's card. I'm proud to report that the balance for that card is zero. November would end with me asking if I should trade in my car which I did towards the end of the month.

December 2012: December would start with me complaining about our credit card debt which made me trade in and get my my new car. I would use some of that money to pay off and close our Citi Thank You card which also let to more Thank You rewards. I also introduced our student loan debt and helped the wife find some peace. I also set all my goals for 2013 and will start work on them this month. December 2012 ended with me trying to figure out how we spent $3,662.21 on our Citi Forward card in one month:

As you can see I'm good at making payments and the balance is only $1,675  but I really need to watch this card- I don't want to end up in credit card debt again. 

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2013 is better for all of us.



  1. Happy New Year! Qishing you and tours a great one filled with new adventures and memories.