Thursday, August 30, 2012

We Both Got a Raise!

The wife and I both got raises this year! After 3 years of no raises (not even inflation adjustments) we are both thrilled to finally see our paychecks go up. After doing all the math we will have an additional 5% more take home pay for the year. My wife got a standard increase of 3% and I got 3.5% based on my performance.

The nice thing about this additional money is that it will cover all the daycare expenses for the little one. My worry about the baby was that our income would go down with daycare but now my mental budget won't change (still working on that written budget). Also, my car is almost paid off so that will mean additional money can go to the credit card debt.

I had a really good performance review this year, I was ranked in the top 20% of employees in my group so that means I should be getting promoted soon and also a nice 7% bonus in November. If I get my promotion that should be an additional 14% increase in income.

Life is good today!


Monday, August 20, 2012

Reckless Spending

Crazy spending again! Gasoline, groceries, eating out as you can see it all adds up. Below you can see our last Citi statement was July 25 and since that date we've managed to charge $1,849 dollars! The only good thing is that reward points are adding up, we already have enough points to get a 200 dollar gift card.

Are there consequences to all this reckless spending? Not sure but looking back this is exactly what we do every month. Sure, we can go on a fiscal diet and be good for a couple of months but as you know diets always fail and we're always back to our old ways. I need to figure out how to make small permanent changes but change is hard- I don't want to give up stuff like lunch, that's my daily break out of the office.

Also, take a look at our payments. I've paid back more than we spent this month so at least I'm responsible when it comes to all this spending but I feel like at some point everything is going to come crashing down. You can't spend more than you make and that's how it feels every month.

I thought having a baby would make sure more responsible but I'm still waiting for that to happen...


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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Adding Insult To Injury

After I wrote the previous post I got home that evening and sorted the mail. Somehow you always know when it's a medical bill, the envelope has a funny company name (never a doctor) and usually you can see a due date through the envelope without opening it. Sure enough look what I found when I opened it. Another medical bill but this one is for $1,096.94. This is exactly what I was talking about, there's always stuff like this coming up. Due date is 8/13, sure... let me pull $1,1000 from a tree in the backyard.

Keep in mind I've paid over $4,000 in medical bills so far this year. That's not counting any medications or co-pays at the doctors, just bills that come in the mail. I swear I can't catch a break which is why I asked, how do you people do it!?

Adding Insult To Injury? I thought it was a good name for this post LOL


Monday, August 6, 2012

Feeling Broke

I know the official definition for broke is having completely run out of money or penniless but this is the feeling I have lately. I'm down to $3,000 on the emergency fund and the other accounts, well they really don't have much as you can see on the latest snapshot of our bank accounts:

I took $1,000 out of our so called 'emergency fund' and sent it to Citi. The checking account is at $5.90 and will probably stay that way until pay day. The other account is my bill pay account and as you can see it's also drained. 

Not sure what to do next. August is typically a very expensive month. I have mom and dad birthdays this month so that will set me back a few hundred (which I don't have). The wife has back to school shopping both for herself and for classroom stuff. New to the expenses this month is the little one, since school starts back up this is when day care kicks in. Anyone with children and babies know how expensive that can get. I swear it's always something, feels like I can't catch a break and pay down the debt. There's always something or someone who wants our money.

Unexpected expense this month is a frozen embryo. I know our insurance won't cover any more fertility related expenses so it will costs us over $500 dollars to store it for another year. This is a though one, we had so much trouble conceiving that we can't just discard or donate our last embryo. I know it's only one but hopefully it too will become another miracle one day so for now I will try and find $500. 

How do you people do it it?! How do you stay afloat with your finances? I swear, I wish someone would take over the finances and just give me a weekly allowance!


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Breastfeed Your Baby!

This post is for all the future mom's out there. Please breastfeed your baby! Look what I had to buy last night for our little one:

Most of my readers know that I like to stock up on stuff but you are looking at $138.32 of baby formula. Luckily there's no tax on baby food but that's still a lot of money for something that will probably last a month at the most.

Here's the price per can at Babies R Us:

So yes, please breastfeed your baby!


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