Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Meet Our Baby Girl

Here she is, isn't she just cute! I wanted to share this with blogging friends, just a couple of pictures of our little miracle:

(pics removed)
It all started with this blog post about IVF. I remember the day we transferred two embryos, the doctor showed us some liquid in a small syringe and said meet your babies! Out of two, one made it and she's here with us now. I often wonder what happened to the other one but I'm thankful for this miracle. Amazing what science, medicine and faith can do these days.

For those of you out there trying and going through infertility just know that it will happen. In vitro fertilization works- NEVER GIVE UP!

I will probably remove the pictures in a few day since I'm a bit secretive :)


Friday, June 22, 2012

Sad Just Sad

Why would anyone ever do / write something like this? Sad just very sad...


I read it, it made me angry, I was upset for 24 hours... TG it was all a hoax but seriously?!


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Selling Stuff!

Not a lot going on at home so not a lot of updates for the blog. Baby is doing great I think we're up to 12 pounds now. Wife is home most of the time with her and we're now starting to look at day care or someone to take care of baby when wife goes back to school. I'm still at the same client at work, I sit in traffic an average of 120 minutes per day but it pays the bills.

Money money money, I want it and lately I don't have it so I'm going around the house and looking for stuff to sell. I'm selling shoes, sunglasses and a camera on eBay this week. I'm also posting some stuff on Craigslist, I'm hoping to make $500 this week and send that back to Citi.

That chair / recliner I mentioned a while back went on sale at Macy's for 479.99 so I went ahead and got it for the wife. I had $200 in gift cards, $200 in cash and the rest around $185 went on Citi. I had another $50.00 Visa gift card that I totally forgot to give to the lady so I'll probably use that for groceries this week.

In other news, did you see gas prices lately?! I pumped at 3.21 a gallon today!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Turbulent Times Ahead?

Summer is here! my favorite time of the year but this year will be a bit different. Due to all the pregnancy complications the wife's paychecks have stopped. She was supposed to have enough time saved up but due to the bed rest and hospital stays she had to leave work two months earlier than expected. Her last paycheck was the last day of school and it was already less than what she usually gets.

But I'm ready! I freaked out a bit and planned ahead. We got through over $3,5000 in medical bills (all paid, no debt added) and I still managed to bring our home emergency fund up to $4,000 dollars. This money is now sitting in our savings account and can be transferred quickly for any unexpected expenses. I'm hoping to add a little bit more money this week (birthday stuff) but this is what our bank account looks like as of this morning:

What worries me the most is the BABY! You could say I panicked a bit and went out and got close to 400 diapers, 800 baby wipes and 8 cans of formula. I also purchased the very cool Motorola MBP33 Wireless Video Baby Monitor which was one of the items we didn't get in our registry, probably due to the $189.99 price. All these baby purchases were made using stuff from our shower we never really used. We had tons of clothes and some gifts that came after the baby arrived. The nice thing about stores like Target is you can return stuff without receipts for in-store credit. I did not use Citi or add any new debt for these purchases. 

The baby also has her own mini emergency fund at home. I saved up $250 dollars in cash in case she needs anything. The money is in her bedroom drawer and I also saved up all the gift cards she got when she was born (most of these came from her co-workers):

Babies R Us: $200
Target: $150
Amazon.com: $150
Walmart: $75

For the wife I also saved up gift cards. She has close to $250 in Macy's gift cards which should come in handy in case she needs anything. I also have many Lowe's and Home depot cards that I got from Citi as rewards in case we need anything around the house. To take care of gifts I also have gift cards for Best Buy and Pier 1 which total around $150 each. 

Around the house I also managed to stock up on everything. I bought 240 thrash bags (Glad Forceflex). I bought 10 containers of detergent (Arm and Hammer 68 oz), 60 liters of water (I drink these at work) and all kinds of foods that will keep in the pantry for months. I also saved up tons of restaurant gift cards in case we want to go out to eat on the weekends- too many to list here but most of them are in the $25 to $50 range to restaurants like P.F Chang's and Olive Garden.

Yes I have saved up over $1,000 in gift cards but the goal is to rely on these instead of dipping in to the emergency fund. We will probably have to survive on $800 after all bills are paid on each pay period, before it was close to $1,600 so that's almost 800 dollars less to live on (gas, groceries, expenses) which is why I freaked out and did all this. 

I labeled this post Turbulent Times Ahead but I think we're ready! I'm prepared to live on less income until September 15! Wish us luck!


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Reflections On My Birthday

This weekend I will be celebrating my birthday! I can't believe it's been almost one year since I last celebrated with friends and family. A lot has happened over the last year, some of it a little crazy, some of it a bit more exciting but the best thing was our miracle baby girl. The other accomplishment over the last 12 months was quitting smoking. I remember putting out my last cigarette around 3 AM last year and telling myself this is it, I quit and I haven't had a cigarette since then.

Last year's celebration was a little expensive so this year I decided to mix things up a bit. We will be celebrating my birthday at my parent's house. I wanted a party at her house so everyone can and see and meet the baby. I mailed out invitations to 26 people and 19 will be joining us. It will be a formal dinner with lots of wine and champagne. I told mom to surprise me with either chocolate or carrot cake. I want to make this year extra special since this is the first birthday I will be celebrating with my daughter.

This next year will be different. I love being a parent so I've created a few goals to make a me a better person. Last year I was lost, I wasn't sure where my life was headed but it was probably the best year of my life and one that I will remember forget. I hope things only continue to get better as I continue to get older.

As I look back I can't believe I wrote this last year:

As I turn 32 I'm feeling a little lost. We still don't have any children and I told the wife I have no desire to adopt. This is causing a little bit of friction in our relationship. I have this strange constant fear that one day our relationship will end because of this. For now I'm not going to worry about it but it's always in the back of my mind.

Happy Birthday To Me!