Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Let's Talk Credit Card Debt

It's been a while since I've posted about our credit card debt but the sad news is the balance is the same as it was a few months ago. It's a roller coaster, that's the best way I can describe it. The balance goes up and down, there's always something more important to pay like medical bills. The good news is that this is all our credit card debt, all other accounts are still at zero. Here are the latest numbers:

I made these pictures a bit large but as you can see the balance is close to $6,672 dollars. The Citi Forward card continues to get a abused on a daily basis. I find it easier to charge and send the money back to them later. The other account is the Citi Thank You card, I transferred part of the balance from the Forward card so this account will have zero percent interest until next year, hopefully we can pay it off by then.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Preemie Formula

Because someone didn't get their full 9 months in the womb we are having to use preemie formulas. I'm not sure they make any difference but of course we trust the pediatrician and do what she recommends. She wants her on Similac Neosure which basically has more calories than regular baby formulas. This is also the hardest one to find, most stores only seem to keep a couple of cans in stock and they don't make it in bigger sizes. Of course since it's for preemies it's also the most expensive compared to other Similac products. The best value is the 13.1 ounce can which can be mixed with water but the baby is going through a can a week! here's the cost: sells 6 pack for 92.50 with free shipping and no taxes. This may be the best deal out there:

Babies R Us as usual the most expensive but sometimes they do have coupouns:

Target has decent pricing per can:

Walmart is the same price as Amazon but I would have to pay the sales tax (6 pack):

So around $60 dollars per month and going up. Soon it would be 5 cans per month. I found a Simply Right at Sam's club with the same ingredients for $23.28 for 48 OZ can! I wish I could buy that but the wife said no, only the best for the little one.

So yes... babies can be very expensive but worth every penny! The good news is we have saved closed to $1000 in gift cards just for baby stuff. I look at it as another emergency fund just for baby needs, hopefully we don't have to use it.


Friday, May 18, 2012

Facebook IPO

Facebook will start trading at some point today at $38 per share! I have a little bit of money on my Scottrade account and I am tempted to put it all in on Facebook. I see this stock going nowhere but up. Their stock will be traded on the NASDAQ. Not sure when individual investors like me can get in but I think this is such a great buy I will be watching it throughout the day. Most analysts are also saying buy buy buy.

Anyone else want a piece of Facebook?


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This Is Not a Frugal Blog

This blog is about paying off debt and saving money BUT this is NOT a frugal blog. Most people take frugality too far and I don't want to be one of them. I don't make my own detergent or steal ketchup packets and napkins from fast food restaurants. I do buy grocery store brands and occasionally use coupons to save money but I'm not here to sacrifice lifestyle to save a few dollars.I love to spend money. I like things, I like stuff. Yes most people out there are trying to live with less and downsize their lives but I'm the complete opposite. I want bigger, faster, cooler, nicer etc. I have my brands that I love and I will not buy or use anything else. Quality is extremely important to me and with that comes style. I want to look good, dress good and make an impression. Yes I don't mind spending $150 dollars on shoes, $150 on a pair of sunglasses, $1,500 on golf clubs or $100 on a bottle of scotch.

I know I don't make enough money to support my lifestyle and this is why I have debt. Most of my friends make at least an extra $20,000 more per year than me. I've tried to reach that level and for some reason I can't. I can't get promoted at work, I can't get that job I interviewed for or I didn't win the mega millions last month. I'm stuck for now and this is something I've come to accept.

Also, this blog is written by me and has been written only by me for the past 5 years. I'm a male in my 30's who is married to a girl in her 30's. Both of us work and have full time jobs. I drive the luxury brand she drives the SUV. Our first child was a dog and the miracle of our lives is our baby girl. I am grateful and thankful for her, she's my life now. At the same time I find myself still putting my needs before her. I am very egocentric, I'm trying to change that.

So, please remember that this blog is about the struggles to have self control with credit cards, and the joys of paying them off. There's no better feeling in this world than using a credit card. There's also no better feeling in the world than paying off a credit card. It is all documented in this blog. With that said, please note that all content is written by me (poorly) and I do not accept or have ever accepted any guest posts from other bloggers or advertisers. I also do not get paid to promote any products on this site. I only accept paid text links on my sidebar and that's to help cover expenses like the domain name.


Friday, May 11, 2012

I Love Our Diaper Bag

I absolutely love our diaper bag. I never thought I'd be writing about a diaper bag on this blog but you know all about my debt so let's mix it up a little. We really wanted a designer diaper bag so we decided to give Juicy Couture a try. We got a black velour bag and it has just about every pocket and compartment for all the baby stuff. It also has pockets for cell phones and water bottles for mom. Here is what it looks like:

But here's the real reason why I'm writing and posting about a diaper bag. We took the baby in for her check up to the pediatrician and another mom just had to comment on our bag. But it was more like criticizing us? She's like you know your just going to get it dirty when they get older, or they're going to throw up on it. We couldn't really think of anything nice to say so we just smiled.

I wonder if it's the price that made her say something. These bags can go up to as much as $300. I found them on eBay for $275 and look how many have sold, they seem to be very popular with other moms as well:

Have a good weekend!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Never Ending Medical Bills

The medical bills don't seem to be slowing down anytime soon so just for fun, here's another $600 leaving my account:

That money was meant to go to Citi but for now I have to take care of these bills. I'm hoping for no more medical bills this month but I have a feeling we have at least another $1,000 coming in the mail. I don't want to owe doctors or hospitals any money so I will do what I can and pay this off.

Wish me luck...


Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Spending

I swear I try to be good and not spend money but there's always something going on or there's stuff we need. So here's what we're spending our money on, below are all our weekend expenses:

H.E.B: Went to HEB Friday night and spent $200. I swear we didn't get that much stuff or baby items. The only baby item was distilled water and it was only $2.50. Most of the stuff we got was food so that we can eat at home during the week. On the list was also paper towels and some sunscreen.

Target: Needed some new shelves in the laundry room so Target had some great looking RE wire storage for $39.99. Wife found a couple of shirts and we ended up spending around $60 there.

Home Depot: Wife's car needed a new garage door opener and I needed some paint to finish up some projects at home. For this purchase, I actually had a gift card but I left it at home! I walked out of there spending $50 on those items.

Macy's: Wife wanted to get some new shirts so we stopped at Macy's. She got 3 tops and she spent $0. Remember all the gift cards we had save up? She was carrying the $10 dollar gift cards but only spent around $30. She still had one card for $10 when we left.

Red Robin: Friends came over Saturday night to drink and hang out but we had no food at home so we ordered take out from Red Robin. Since I invited them over, I picked up the bill and a couple of beers at the bar while waiting for food. In total I spent $80 including tip.

There you have it, almost $400 dollars spent on nothing or at least it feels like nothing on Monday morning. I swear we need on average around $500 for weekends and $100 during the week to live confortably. Another $20,000 per year would be nice but I need to remember that our paycheck are actually going to go down this summer.

As far as baby stuff goes, I still have the grandparents buying the baby formula and diapers. They want to help out and the nice perk is they also bring the baby new clothes. They love to spoil her and I'm not going to complain- I like it! I will let them continue to do that for as long as they want.

How do you NOT spend money?!


UPDATE! Forgot to add Sunday. We also went to the movies on Sunday morning and spent $30 there. After movies I had to pick up some wine for the family and spent another $25.