Friday, December 21, 2012

Setting Goals for 2013

I would like to set my goals now prior to all the upcoming holidays. I think we do this every year but my goals are usually the same. Lose weight, spend less, make more money and live a better life. I think every year I start strong and slowly lose track but 2013 has to be a better year. I have that now or never attitude so I'm going to make it work.

Stuff: I've started selling a ton of stuff on eBay I don't need. Next year I want less stuff in my life. I don't want to have to worry about stuff anymore. If I haven't used it in 6 months it has to go. I have a lot of watches that don't get a lot of wrist time and they're already for sale. Wife also has a lot of designer purses she's not using so I'm going to quietly put those on eBay as well. The goal for next year is to have less 'stuff' only own what you will use and wear often.

Credit Cards: I would like to go cash only but realistically I can't be at the ATM every day getting cash and I hate having to worry about how much money I have in my checking account. The wife and I have 1 credit card that we share, the Citi Forward card and it will be used for our daily expenses like eating out, food and groceries. The main goal for next year is to try to use this card and pay it off every month, maintain a zero balance as much as possible.

Money: Save $500 dollars a month no matter what happens. I have the Discover Savings account setup. I can't really touch that money so I plan to send $250 to it every time we get paid. That may not be a lot of money but at least it's something. I estimate our tax return next year to be around $2,500 dollars so at least $1,000 of that will also go in to savings. The goal for next year is to save, save, save!

Weight: My current weight right now is 183.4 pounds. The goal is to be at 170 pounds and maintain. When our baby girl was born I was 172 pounds but ever since she's been here I haven't been able to get back in to running or exercising as often as I used to. Alcohol also seems to impact my weight so the goal next year is to get to 170 pounds and cut back on the drinking.

Career: I need to make more money. The economy is better now and I would like to get out of consulting. I would like to find a new job that pays at least $10,000 more per year. The goal next year is to start looking for new work and apply at different places.

Easy goals right? Do you think I can do this? I've added a new label called 'Goals' to this post so I can quickly access them under my tags section.



  1. I think you can do it! It's been a stressful year. Here's to the new year.

  2. Goodluck to you in 2013! Just like you I have my own set of goals and hopefully, I can accomplish them too! Cheers!Right Property