Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Mattress

Last weekend we went out and purchased a new mattress for our bedroom. Our previous mattress was well over 8 years old so we decided it was time for a new one. We hate foam mattresses since they get hot and they are hard to move around, I also don't believe in paying $5,000 for a mattress. We prefer the old pillow-top type of mattress. We shopped around quite a bit for this purchase and this time Macy's ended up getting our money.

We spent $1,374 including taxes, delivery and removal of old bedding. The sales person mentioned if we used our Macy's card we can get 12 months of financing at 0% interest with minimum payments. Since we do have a Macy's credit card with a limit of $1,500 I went ahead and charged it on there just because I can. I don't plan to keep this debt very long, it will be paid off before the year is over. We had no issues with the delivery. They called 30 minutes before arrival, when they arrived they removed old bed and installed new one in about 20 minutes.

Did you know that mattresses are always on sale? Below is the model that we got and I had been checking on this same model weekly at Macy's for over a month. One week it was 10% off, the next week was 15% and when we got our it was 'Lowest Price of the Season'. Funny thing is the price never changed, it was always $1,247.00 only the regular price would fluctuate:

This is what the mattress looks like:

No complains, the Macy's purchase was fast and delivery was on time. The mattress is very comfortable and we didn't spend a fortune. The same day we purchased the mattress I came home and I made a payment of $500 back to Macy's, hopefully I can pay this off next month and be done with it.

Does anyone else think mattresses are overpriced and over-hyped?!



  1. Beds are extremely over priced. Though I still did better than you by catching a sale and got one queen & one twin (for my daughter) for under $500.

    But I don't think I would expect anything less than you! :P You do love your expensive items.

  2. We bought an iComfort in January, and I was amazed at how much mattresses are. We bought some new pillows and a mattress cover...I think it came out to $1500-ish.

  3. I used to work in a furniture store. Bedding is a high mark up item however they have very long warranties. A good quality mattress is a phenomenal investment in your health however I have never purchased a mattress that wasn't a floor model. Yeah, a bunch of clothed strangers have laid on it...but think about how gross sleeping in a hotel bed is by comparison. I bought a Simmons for $300 from my old employer. Yes, it doesn't have a warranty but I saved about $600. I figure at that rate if it fails in 5 years I buy another $300 mattress and I am still ahead. FYI most mattresses are rated for 10 years. There was a really nice article on Getrichslowly about mattress buying a year or two ago I would recommend.

  4. @Avaline!

    Have you not seen how expensive a mattress can be?!! average price we saw at most stores was 2,200 for a king!

  5. Oh I've seen the prices! When we first went shopping for them I thought we would never be able to get one. So once the big sale hit I just had to go then!