Friday, October 12, 2012

Selling Stuff on eBay

As some of you know, I love eBay and I'm always buying and selling stuff. This month I'm almost up to $600  in sales! With the eBay mobile app, I'm on the site 24/7. I buy a lot of stuff like watches and sunglasses and resell them. A lot of people on eBay just want to get rid of stuff and often don't describe their items very well. I buy a lot of these items, clean them up, take better pictures, add better descriptions and I often make a small profit of $30 to $40 after I post them back on eBay. Here's my total for this month:

My best sale a few months back was a vintage Omega watch. I picked up the item for $700 and realized it was worth way more. I posted it back on eBay and it sold for $1,600 and the buyer was happy:

Keep in mind that watch was in bad condition but that same watch in excellent condition is worth $6,000 so I'm sure that buyer will probably resell it for more, anyways look around your house, I bet you have a lot of stuff to sell!


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