Friday, September 14, 2012

The End Of The Medical Bills

I was ready to tackle our credit card debt this month but a couple more medical bills arrived in the mail. As soon as I get these bills paid out I will shift my focus to our credit cards. I can't complain, yes we have credit card debt but don't have ANY medical debt. Over the last couple of years we did infertility treatments and In Vitro fertilization which meant a lot of out pocket expenses and bills. When we finally conceived we had pregnancy related costs, I remember the OB GYN saying balance due is $1,450 for care and delivery. Then the wife had to stop working and went on bed rest which was followed by multiple hospital stays. When the baby arrived she spent two weeks in intensive care- more bills and out of pocket costs. We are very fortunate to not have any medical debt. 

What I hope is our final medical bill is actually this bill I posted about back in August. I filed an appeal with our insurance company to try and process the claim for more money but it was denied. I called the provider yesterday and we settled for 40% of the bill so that will cost me around $440 out of pocket. I asked them for a letter in writing, as soon as I get that I will submit payment and be done with that.

The other medical bill that arrived is from Houston Fertility Institute where we did the In Vitro fertilization procedure. We have one frozen embryo that will cost $500 to store for another year. I know it's only one and there's only a 50% chance of a baby but we want to keep it and maybe transfer it next year. If it's meant to be I'm sure it will work if not at least we didn't destroy life. I knew exactly what this bill was when I saw this envelope in the mail:

Not bad, I can deal with these bills now and hopefully this is it for a while. I hate medical bills since you never know what's going to arrive in the mail. Next is our credit card debt, the balance is somewhere around $8,500. As soon as I get my bonus from work, I will apply it to our credit card debt and hopefully that will bring it down to $5,000, be on the lookout for a post about that.

Have a good weekend!


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  1. Wow. Best wishes to you and the wife with the other embryo.