Saturday, September 1, 2012

Guys Night Out

Last weekend I decided it would be fun to have a guys night out. My best friend said hey let's go watch the Texans game and be home early. So like a good friend I said yes and of course I'm never thinking about my wallet or the next day.

The night started around 6 PM. My friend picked me up and first thought that came to my mind was designated driver! I can drink (bad idea) all I want tonight. We started the night out at the Houston Texans grill at City Center in Houston. As you can see the place was already crowded when we got there:

We finally got in and after 3 or 4 beers it was time to eat! I decided on 20 hot wings in 2 different flavor combinations:

I think I had 5 large beers here? I can't really remember but when I got my bill the total was $55 dollars! I'm having a good time, life is good but of course when you hang out with guys the night doesn't end there. We decided to head over to another place at City Center called Yard House, here I had another 6 glasses of beer and the total at this place was $46 dollars!

We finally decided to head out but the night is young! who goes home at midnight these days? so we decided to head over to the local pool hall, we ended up at Slick Willie's and stayed there way past 2 AM:

From this point on I don't remember much. I know we stayed late because the lights came on and the waitress was waiting for us to leave. By now I'm probably on beer 16 or 17 and I don't even remember signing anything but next day I found a receipt in my pocket for $52!! 

The night still didn't end there. We headed back to my friends house and continued drinking until 4 AM. I don't even remember getting home but I do remember my wife handing me a baby at 7 AM in the guest bedroom with my wallet, cell phone and clothes all over the room. I was miserable, I spent over $150 dollars (Citi) and felt horrible the next day. 

This post is more for me to learn from my stupidity and for you to get a glimpse in to my immaturity. I'm 33, I'm a father but I feel like I still have some growing up to do. Thank god I didn't end up in jail or dead, I can't be doing this kind of stuff anymore. 

N E V E R   A G A I N ! !



  1. LOL. Um, ya, I hear ya on this one. I'm 30, but somehow still feel like I can party like I'm 21. Sunday night will be our first overnight away from Stella, and I have a feeling it will be a drunken one. Luckily we won admittance for 2 and all you can drink to the local Labor Day dance for $50, so it shouldn't be too expensive of an evening for us!

  2. Seriously.. really... (rolling my eyes)

  3. I have mucho alcoholism/addiction in my extended family. It sounds like a guy's night out was a trigger for you to majorly binge drink. I am sure it being the first night you'd had such freedom added fuel to the fire. Probably best to avoid nights out with the boys in the future.

    Frankly, addiction experts of course say if you can't drink normally, then you are an addict. Are you capable of having just a couple of beers, or does it always end with you drunk? If your drinking causes you problems at home/job/work/money that is another sign of a problem. So this go-round got you $150 more in debt, and an annoyed wife who handed you the baby when you walked in the door. Hmmm. Not trying to be snotty here at all. Just trying to trigger some thinking.

    I can only imagine how hard it was to care for the baby in the morning. We used to party too (though not quite like that!) but it came to a screeching halt when we had babies. We preferred sleep over hangovers!

  4. I stopped smoking almost two years ago. But this summer I went and had a boy's night out with some old college friends. I smoked almost a whole pack while drinking with them.

    Also, I drank a fair amount. There was no counting involved but it was insane. Also, I managed to bounce my checking account in the process. I never bounce my checking account! I grabbed the wrong card at one point (debit instead of the credit).

    The next day, I felt horrible. It's one thing to be a little hung over. It's worse to be hung over and trying to deal with your bank to get them to reverse and over-draft charge (they did). But add on the feeling of filth that comes with smoking after not going it for so long--and smoking heavily too.

    I swear, I'm never touching another cigarette, cigar, etc. It's been weeks but I stand by that. I felt so gross. And it set me back on my running progress too.

    Still, it's a shame. I used to party like a rock-star back in the day. I can't keep that pace any more.