Monday, September 3, 2012

Back to the Bench

I'm officially done with the project I started back in February so once again I find myself back on the bench. I think I've mentioned before, when you're on the bench in consulting, it basically means find more work and be billable as soon as possible. My company will continue to pay me but I need to get staffed quickly, way back in 2009 I almost got laid off after staying on the bench for months. Luckily a few days later a manager called and said I could join his project.

Friday was my last day, I leave you with some awesome views from the Wells Fargo tower in Houston where my office was located. I was way up there in the building which is currently the 14th-tallest Building in the United States, the second tallest building in Texas and Houston, after Houston's JPMorgan Chase Tower, and the tallest all glass building in the western hemisphere.

View of the top of One Shell Plaza:

You can see JP Morgan Chase Tower in the background:

View of One Shell Plaza and I-45:

Here you can see a parking lot around the Shell buildings, this is where I parked when I ran first 5K:

View of the Toyota Center which is home to the Houston Rockets:

 In this picture you can see the Fulbright Tower in the background:

That is all for now, wish me luck in finding a new project!



  1. Good luck! And I hope you didn't let that blogger linked in the last post truly bother you. I might not have detailed all the embarrassments connected with going over budget, but kicking people when they're down is just dishonorable in my book. There are better ways to write a blog than to exploit the self-admitted flaws of others and grind people under your heel.

  2. Best wishes on getting the perfect job.
    WOW! I love the views. Nice pics. Your first 5K! I remember you posting about that. Looked like a fun race. I heard they had some great shirts for that race.

    Enjoy your vacation. :)