Thursday, August 30, 2012

We Both Got a Raise!

The wife and I both got raises this year! After 3 years of no raises (not even inflation adjustments) we are both thrilled to finally see our paychecks go up. After doing all the math we will have an additional 5% more take home pay for the year. My wife got a standard increase of 3% and I got 3.5% based on my performance.

The nice thing about this additional money is that it will cover all the daycare expenses for the little one. My worry about the baby was that our income would go down with daycare but now my mental budget won't change (still working on that written budget). Also, my car is almost paid off so that will mean additional money can go to the credit card debt.

I had a really good performance review this year, I was ranked in the top 20% of employees in my group so that means I should be getting promoted soon and also a nice 7% bonus in November. If I get my promotion that should be an additional 14% increase in income.

Life is good today!



  1. Wow!! Congratulations to both of you!

    This has gotta be the good life. :)

  2. That is fantastic news. Amazing how when you feel at your lowest, something can come along and remind you to just have a little faith in yourself. Life is meant to be good. Keep believing in yourself and plowing through getting out of debt and God will provide for you. I don't verbalize much about my faith but what I've learned through my detting out of debt process is that the more I pay off, the more I get out of debt, the more God gives back to us in blessings.

  3. Yay!! Congrats on the review. And awesome for more $$.