Monday, August 20, 2012

Reckless Spending

Crazy spending again! Gasoline, groceries, eating out as you can see it all adds up. Below you can see our last Citi statement was July 25 and since that date we've managed to charge $1,849 dollars! The only good thing is that reward points are adding up, we already have enough points to get a 200 dollar gift card.

Are there consequences to all this reckless spending? Not sure but looking back this is exactly what we do every month. Sure, we can go on a fiscal diet and be good for a couple of months but as you know diets always fail and we're always back to our old ways. I need to figure out how to make small permanent changes but change is hard- I don't want to give up stuff like lunch, that's my daily break out of the office.

Also, take a look at our payments. I've paid back more than we spent this month so at least I'm responsible when it comes to all this spending but I feel like at some point everything is going to come crashing down. You can't spend more than you make and that's how it feels every month.

I thought having a baby would make sure more responsible but I'm still waiting for that to happen...


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  1. If you are 'waiting' for it, my friend, it will never happen.

    Wasn't it Einstein who said "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"

  2. It's easy to overspend. Soooo easy. Maybe it'll be easier when your wife goes back to work. But childcare will take a big chunk of that money too.

    If you pay off what you charge each month plus a little extra I honestly don't see the problem. But that's just me.

  3. The problem is that you don't want to give up anything. You don't want to give up lunch. You don't want to give up designer brands. You don't want to give up expensive dinners out. You don't want to give up being seen as the generous gift giver.

    You said one time that "nothing feels as good as charging something on a credit card" (or words to that effect).

    Your entire self-worth is tied up in APPEARING to be rich. Appearing to be able to whip out that credit card and pay for a whole table's worth of meals. Appearing to be able to shower your friends and family with expensive gifts. Appearing to be able to afford designer everything.

    You don't want designer items because of quality - you want them for one reason only: to proclaim your worth.

    Until you move past judging your self-worth (and the worth of others) by what you spend, what you wear, what you drive, your situation will never change.

    Are those really the values you want your daughter to grow up with? That a person is worth the name brand on their clothes and the credit card they carry ... rather than who they are as a person?

  4. Nobody is saying don't ever eat out. Just set some limits. We only eat out once/week, and boy do I enjoy that one break from cooking dinner. Plan a menu ahead, shop for the entire week. Make enough for leftovers to eat the next night. Make a big batch of pasta, tuna, or chicken salad to take for lunches. There are also some decent frozen meals that are still cheaper than eating out for lunch. (Kashi, Lean Cuisine Vegetarian). So you don't feel completely deprived, plan for one Inexpensive lunch out per week. By inexpensive I mean Subway, not the charming bistro down the block where lunch is still 10.99 per entree. Our local grocery has a nice salad bar for 2.99/lb, and I can quickly grab a nice lunch that's cheap. And don't buy for coworkers!

    For quick dinners, hubby and I enjoy the PF Chang's frozen meals, enough for 2. Make some rice to go with it (we like Jasmine rice).

    I know mornings are rushed for working folks, but a crockpot is a big help. Google some recipes.

    If you plan ahead it will reduce the eating out impulses. Also, as your daughter gets more to the toddler age, eating out will be difficult if she is restless/needing a nap. We went about 18 months when our kids were little where we never ate out, because the kids were wild!

    As for buying stuff. Don't buy ANYTHING for a month, unless the baby needs it... or it's an emergency house item or vehicle need. Your 3rd TV being out of style does not constitute an emergency! Even if new TV's are on sale, because no matter the price, if you can't afford it then it's not a good deal. Emergency is fire, flood, blood, or the car that gets you to work won't start.

  5. I've had the PF Chang's frozen! I like those! great price at Walmart too..


  6. This post is the reason I continue to read your blog, you are honest with your debt and spending. I appreciate your honesty, you whine a little bit but this is your platform to do so. I am wishing for your family that you can have the fiancial freedom you are wishing for.