Monday, July 9, 2012

Why Do I Have a Debt Blog?

I've been asking myself recently why I have or maintain a debt blog. It has been almost 5 years since I started this blog and I'm pretty much in the same place as when I started. I know all the rules, I've read all the books, I would even say I'm a finance guru but I guess I refuse to make changes.

This morning I checked the Citi credit card account and noticed we have charged close to $3,000 dollars since June 5th. The total credit card debt is somewhere around $8,000. We blew through all the gift cards and summer is not even over yet- I'm sure there will be more spending until September.

I know, I need to start thinking about shutting down this blog LOL



  1. What did you spend the gift cards on? How are you doing with your summer savings account? Remind us....when Mrs. HS goes back to work, what are you doing for child care?

    I think you are OK with having debt. It doesn't seem to really bother you. If that is the case...then that is the case.

    Just realize that while you are more or less maintaining your will be easy for the debt to build. Especially with kids. At some point you have to decide where your line in the sand is, and do something about it. I would hate to see you in 2 years being 50k in debt.

  2. The reason you are not out of debt is that you really don't want to be. I am not trying to be harsh, I was the same way for years. I mean like 28 years. I had a comfortable debt load but always on the edge of discomfort. I am still trying to become debt free, but it is a hard battle. Murphy, too little income, kids, wants, needs, refusal to face reality. If you wanted to get out of debt as much as you wanted that new baby of yours you would be out! By the way congratulations! Now get out of debt. Quit charging! You don't need that crap and neither does that baby.

  3. "I refuse to make changes" - shows that you know the right steps but are unwilling/not ready to make them.

    Here is my analogy.

    I have dieted more than my share in life. When I am being good and the numbers don't change fast enough, I get frustrated and say things like "why do I even bother??? I should just quit watching what I eat"

    So I quit watching........and then I gain.

    Your debt has grown significantly since June, you say. If you stop blogging, and if you don't put your financial knowledge to practice, where will be you be in a year, or three? It won't get better. How much worse will it get?

  4. Well, if you want us to play with words, you call it a "debt blog". So without debt, there would be no blog, right? A lot of the times we move back a little bit, or a lot. But giving up is not an option!

  5. Either that or get serious about paying off the debt rather than accumulating more. Good luck!

  6. You are such a horrible terrible person. You are scum... lol jk You shouldnt delete your blog, I like it here :)