Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Watch Addiction

As most of you know I'm 33 and extremely materialistic. I have to drive a luxury brand. I have to have the latest and greatest gadgets. I think I'm the only PF blogger out there who just loves stuff. I often wonder if there's something wrong with me but this is who I am. Even growing up as a kid I loved collecting stuff. I had an amazing coin collection. I also collected key chains, stamps, sports cards and other stuff I'm too ashamed to mention here.

Today I have another addiction I need to confess. I love collecting watches. I often wonder why I have to have so many watches:

Does a person really need to have these many watches? I don't think I have a problem I think I just enjoy the good things life has to offer. The only issue is money. I'm always on eBay watching items. I can get a $600 watch for $150 but that's money I really don't need to spend. The good thing is that most of these purchases don't end up on the credit card. I sell stuff on eBay and use that money to purchase items. If there's a great deal, I use Bill Me Later and I can pay for it with cash the next month.

There you have it, another one of my vices that probably keeps me in debt :( Is there such a thing as retail therapy for watch addictions?


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  1. LMAO, oh man, I love that you are at least very honest about yourself and your addictions. It's good to KNOW that you're extremely materialistic. I don't think that's a bad thing, per se, but when it starts affecting your ability to pay for the basic things in life and to be able to provide things for your child, then it's an issue. Until then, just keep working on keeping it from getting too out of control. :)

    Do you actually WEAR all of those watches? If you realize that you are only collecting things and not using them (and then beginning to hoard them), then you have an issue! If you actually use them, well... then I guess at least you're getting use out of them.

  2. I do and have worn most of them but only a couple get the most use... I think hoarding is when you accumulate so much that it can kill you ? I've seen the show on TV lol

    As far as providing for the child, she will always come first. She has everything she needs right now and I even stock up on thing for her like formula and diapers. Right now I still have over 300 diapers and 3 cans of formula just in case anything crazy comes up.


  3. I don't think that PF bloggers don't like to have stuff. I think we all like to have stuff....but for some people that stuff has gotten them where they are. Or like me....I need stuff, but can't pay for that stuff, so I can't get the stuff.

    Remember....stuff, is just that. STUFF.

    Instead of spending $150 on a watch, put it toward debt. Or if you feel like you MUST spend it, put it in a college savings account for Baby. Part of all of this is breaking habits!

  4. Wow - you sound like my husband - he loves watches, something I don't understand (and he's kind enough not to ridicule the two watches I proudly bought from a store I'm ashamed to mention for a price so low you would laugh) - and he loves guitars, too. Those can get as pricey as you want 'em to be. Especially with a collection of a dozen or so.

  5. I meant to say that I do like your watches.

  6. Everyone has a vice of some sort. If you like watches and they make you happy, then so be it. As long as they aren't putting you deeper into debt, then, enjoy. Ever think about selling all of your watches, paying off your debt, and then once you're debt free, buying that watch that you REALLY want?

  7. I like watches too...and sunglasses. I don't have advice on this, but I wish I had come around soon enough to see baby photos.