Sunday, June 17, 2012

Selling Stuff!

Not a lot going on at home so not a lot of updates for the blog. Baby is doing great I think we're up to 12 pounds now. Wife is home most of the time with her and we're now starting to look at day care or someone to take care of baby when wife goes back to school. I'm still at the same client at work, I sit in traffic an average of 120 minutes per day but it pays the bills.

Money money money, I want it and lately I don't have it so I'm going around the house and looking for stuff to sell. I'm selling shoes, sunglasses and a camera on eBay this week. I'm also posting some stuff on Craigslist, I'm hoping to make $500 this week and send that back to Citi.

That chair / recliner I mentioned a while back went on sale at Macy's for 479.99 so I went ahead and got it for the wife. I had $200 in gift cards, $200 in cash and the rest around $185 went on Citi. I had another $50.00 Visa gift card that I totally forgot to give to the lady so I'll probably use that for groceries this week.

In other news, did you see gas prices lately?! I pumped at 3.21 a gallon today!



  1. Good luck with your sales.

    Gas here is 3.52....

  2. not much going on here either. I had to go to Cedar Park the other day, and stopped at the Randall's there to fill up gas was $3.29 but with my Randall's card I was able to score it for $2.79/gallon. Woot Woot! I am so looking forward to seeing gas drop below $3 again...really want it below $2, but first things first.

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  4. Your selling stuff is a great thing. I recently did that to get some cash for a vacation. You might want to look around on Facebook for a garage sale group. We have one for our county... Brazoria... but that is probably still a bit far fpr you. I like it because it eliminates shipping/packing hassles. Arrange the sale, meet in a parking lot to handle business, done. I never, ever tell people where I live or have them come to my home to pick up. The funny thing is, it's going on in parking lots all over town.

    It's also a great place to get rid of outgrown clothes/kids and baby items.

  5. Gas here is about $3.41 a gallon of regular.