Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Spending

I swear I try to be good and not spend money but there's always something going on or there's stuff we need. So here's what we're spending our money on, below are all our weekend expenses:

H.E.B: Went to HEB Friday night and spent $200. I swear we didn't get that much stuff or baby items. The only baby item was distilled water and it was only $2.50. Most of the stuff we got was food so that we can eat at home during the week. On the list was also paper towels and some sunscreen.

Target: Needed some new shelves in the laundry room so Target had some great looking RE wire storage for $39.99. Wife found a couple of shirts and we ended up spending around $60 there.

Home Depot: Wife's car needed a new garage door opener and I needed some paint to finish up some projects at home. For this purchase, I actually had a gift card but I left it at home! I walked out of there spending $50 on those items.

Macy's: Wife wanted to get some new shirts so we stopped at Macy's. She got 3 tops and she spent $0. Remember all the gift cards we had save up? She was carrying the $10 dollar gift cards but only spent around $30. She still had one card for $10 when we left.

Red Robin: Friends came over Saturday night to drink and hang out but we had no food at home so we ordered take out from Red Robin. Since I invited them over, I picked up the bill and a couple of beers at the bar while waiting for food. In total I spent $80 including tip.

There you have it, almost $400 dollars spent on nothing or at least it feels like nothing on Monday morning. I swear we need on average around $500 for weekends and $100 during the week to live confortably. Another $20,000 per year would be nice but I need to remember that our paycheck are actually going to go down this summer.

As far as baby stuff goes, I still have the grandparents buying the baby formula and diapers. They want to help out and the nice perk is they also bring the baby new clothes. They love to spoil her and I'm not going to complain- I like it! I will let them continue to do that for as long as they want.

How do you NOT spend money?!


UPDATE! Forgot to add Sunday. We also went to the movies on Sunday morning and spent $30 there. After movies I had to pick up some wine for the family and spent another $25.


  1. If you went grocery shopping on Friday night....why didn't you have any food in the house Saturday when friends came over?

    Also, the wife's shopping...I understand post-partum your body is different. But depending on how don't necessarily need ALOT of stuff. You stated she bought a few shirts at Target, and a few at Macy's. While the total amount spent isn't that high, the issue is the discipline needed to not buy items.

    Also, and this is going to sound a little harsh...but Baby HS is YOUR responsibility. Nice that Grandparents pick up a few things, but unless you start realizing that the cost of a baby is your responsibility, you are going to be in big trouble when the "gifts" stop.

    Movies, wine, eating out....not saying that all has to stop, but you really have to think about what you are doing.

    One other had a preemie. Ask your doctor about RSV shots for the fall/winter. They are given for about 6 months (usually Nov-Apr). And when my kids were born....they were $250 EACH month. And insurance didn't cover it....and I had way more preemie babies.

    You need to stop living in the NOW, and look to the future.

  2. I don't take my debit card in the store. I pull out cash from the bank and what I have in my pocket is my limit.

  3. I know, I need to budget the baby stuff better! RSV shots for the fall/winter?? what are those? let me google...

  4. @slightlybrokebutcontent Yes, most purchase are cash OR debit...


  5. I thought the same thing as the first commenter - if you bought groceries Friday - why didn't you have food in the house on Saturday?

    We spend quite a bit on groceries (probably $400/month), BUT, we eat out maybe once a month, so it is more than worth it and I don't stress about that expense, especially considering you spend $30-50 every time you eat out.

  6. Oh we had food but we didn't really want to fire up the pit and make stuff for them... easier to get take out and they did bring their own beer.


  7. also I noticed your wife bought shirts at two places. Were they a need or a want? Were they I feel like I need it or I really need it. That is how I have to break down my spending. I never spend more than 10 - 20 dollars on the weekend.

  8. The macy's was a need / planned purchase but target was more of a good deal...


  9. I have to say what everyone else has... you went shopping on Friday, but had no food for Saturday? OK.. I really do get not feeling like firing up the pit and cooking. But still, we would have done something cheaper in this situation, such as order pizza. I have eaten many a $5 carryout from Little Caesars at a friend's house... and been happy with it!

    The garage door opener.... mine has not worked for 6 months. I do without. The paint.... again, if I were in your financial shoes, paint and non-emergency home projects would wait.

    Shirts.... I would have gotten shirts from maybe one store but not both. I do understand the need for new clothing in postpartum months.

    It is nice that grandparents bring formula and diapers. We had one that would occasinally bring those, but by no means did they supply us exclusively with them. And eventually they will forget our get out of the habit. Better prepare.

    RSV shots... those were just beginning to be used when we had our preemie, so I have no personal experience with them. But, having worked at Texas Children's, I can tell you that you do not want your kid to get RSV. Could end with pneumonia/respiratory distress/hospital stay. Look into the vaccine. Preemies up to... oh, toddler years, are at higher risk of complications related to RSV.