Sunday, April 8, 2012

April 2012 Updates

Quick updates for April 2012, there's really not a lot whole lot going on right now. We have a preemie baby at home so we don't go out at all. This weekend the wife and I left the grandparents babysitting the little one and we went grocery shopping, we spent $256 dollars on food items. Gas for my car was another $54 and we also went to the movies to see Hunger Games and spent another $35 there.

We did not purchase the chair I mentioned on the previous post YET. I asked the wife, she likes the idea and thinks it would be a good home purchase but the price went up to $949. It's really something we don't need, she does have rocking chair in the nursery but she wanted something in the living room. If I see it go on sale again for $499 I will get it but that's all I'm willing to pay, I will not get it if the price is $599. If we don't get the chair we can always save the gift cards for emergencies or birthday gifts.

Best Buy HDTV balance is down to $500! I know most of you didn't like that purchase but it had to be made. I have $2,000 saved up for hospital bills and $1,000 saved for any baby emergencies. I really wanted to get that purchase out of the way and since we've been staying home it has in come very handy, we watch it every day. If nothing crazy comes up I should have this paid off in two weeks.

This weekend I also went to the Apple store to have my iPad looked at. Not sure if you can see on the image below but the screen started getting some kind of liquid damage? In less than 5 minutes the sales associate asked me if I needed any files out of the old iPad, he was going to replace it with a new one since it's still under warranty. I must say I'm very impressed with Apple, that was the fastest and easiest product replacement I've ever done. The other picture is the brand new iPad with my blog home page:

This weekend we also splurged a little. My wife watched the movie Easy A with Emma Stone and there's a scene where she's wearing black Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses:

She asked me if I could get her the same sunglasses so I went to eBay and found them brand new for $99. While browsing I also found a pair of Ray Ban Tech's for $109 so I ordered them for me. This was totally a splurge and wants purchase but every once in a while it's good to spend some money on things and have a little fun.

That's all the updates I have for now, I hope every one had a great weekend. If you find misspellings on this post please keep in mind I had a fussy baby on my lap when I wrote this!



  1. Either you turned your comments off or no one wants to chastise you for purchasing sunglasses.

    So I'll do it. I've taken up for you on your fridge and TV purchases, etc. As I've made clear, I don't advocate living like a monk. But here's something I'm kind of confused about: Don't you have a pretty good income? Aren't your debts relatively small? I think the purpose of your blog is to document your efforts to pay off your debt.

    But isn't it just a matter of putting a little effort into it? It looks like you have more than enough income to support your needs and a generous helping of wants, too. Correct me if I'm wrong; I don't have your income and expenses in front of me. Do you really want to have zero ongoing balances on your credit cards? If so, you have to double down on payments to them and cut in half (or cut even more) purchases of things you don't really need (like sunglasses - didn't you already talk about your collection of sunglasses? Is there any more classic example of an impulse purchase than wanting to buy a pair seen in a movie when you and presumably your wife already have plenty of sunglasses?) I mean, you have to cut back by some percentage (you determine the percentage) from somewhere if your ongoing purchases are interfering with paying off the debt from your past purchases.

    I get the human-nature aspect of impulse purchases and I get treating yourself and I advocate for those. We all choose areas we splurge or indulge in and areas we don't mind cutting back on so we can channel money to some other purpose (like paying off the cards.) Maybe you're comfortable floating a certain amount of credit card debt indefinitely and if so, I don't see much wrong with that, given the low interest you are probably paying. You could just stop saying you're trying to pay off credit card debt if that's the case.

    But with your income and assets (you've alluded to sizeable investments), why pay interest at all if you can easily (compared to some of us who are restricted by limited incomes) marshal enough money to pay off those cards? Then your blog could be about net worth and growth of assets. It's your choice - my blog is about both. Looking at one side of the equation without seeing the other side, too, is not enough perspective for me.

    I looked over your past posts about debt and I saw this quote: "It would be nice to be able to use a credit card and pay the full balance due every month. Let me know what you think, share some thoughts with me." So there are my thoughts. I don't think it's healthy to be a masochist who puts up with "bashing" from others or who bashes himself regularly for failing in this area, when all you really need to do is be realistic about what you can afford over what period of time. (Like I said, I don't necessarily believe it's bad to pay interest on a constant basis if you're truly fine with it, or on a several-months basis if it improves your quality of life and the interest is not unreasonable.) If you really want it, just do it - ("it" being denying yourself some discretionary unnecessary purchases so you can purchase some financial stability for yourself.) Get the wife to sit down and look at the whole picture. Ask her if she'd like to live life in the black and not in the red. I hope you both want the same thing, and I wish both of you well.

  2. HA! Not off, just a couple of hateful comments I refuse to post now lol

    The income is good but I haven't had a raise in 3 years! wife's paycheck never changes, everyone I know makes well more so it's hard to 'keep up' even my sibling's income are in the 6 figure range.

    I have a new plan for the Citi debt which is our last credit card which I will share later on.


  3. Sorry I left such a long comment, by the way. I comment rarely here so I thought I'd "do it right," LOL. Don't try to keep up with anyone else - that may be a key point.

  4. No worries, blogging friends are always welcomed! love your advice!


  5. Ahh.... I see what the problem is... you are trying to keep up with the Jones'. Not a good idea. And I think you should examine WHY you feel the need to keep up with them rather than live within your means. Does your family put that much pressure upon you?

  6. YES! and YES LOL

    But I like it and I enjoy every single minute of it! It's life!