Saturday, February 4, 2012

Weekend Spending

Below is our weekend spending so far. Last night my parents invited us to dinner so they picked up the tab. This morning we ate breakfast at home and then went to a couple's baby shower. I stopped by Specs here in Houston and picked up a couple of bottles of wine:

What did I get? I got a bottle of Kendall Jackson Chardonnay:

I also got a bottle of Kung Fu Girl Riesling:

The wine was great and I was having a good time at the shower but the wife decided it was time to come home and eat dinner. She ordered some Chinese food for $23.77 and it was delivered to the house. I tipped the driver $7 dollars, so dinner came in around $30.

That's the weekend spending so far, we still have Sunday and the Super Bowl. I will probably need gas and groceries for the week and of course, beer and wings for the big game so that will probably add another $200.

How was / is your weekend spending?



  1. I've done pretty well this weekend! Bought groceries Saturday (about $80 worth) and other than that I stayed home and cleaned out my closet. Not an exciting weekend, but at least it was cheap. :)

  2. I bought makeup and hair stuff for about $80 and I'm going to try to do my grocery shopping today so maybe another $50? I didn't spend anything yesterday or friday so it was a very cheap weekend!