Thursday, February 23, 2012

I’m On The Bench

I'm officially back on the bench at at work. Today was the last day at my client in downtown Houston. I was there for two years and I had mixed feelings walking out the door. Yes, I don't have to come in to work tomorrow or next week but it also feels like I lost a huge part of my everyday life.

What does it mean to be on the bench? In consulting terms it means my role with the client ended and I need to find another project. Think of it as unemployed but with full salary and benefits. Last time I was on the bench was back in 2008 and it lasted for four months.

So how do I feel about being on the bench? I don't mind it as long as I find another project quickly. We've had people on the bench for six months to a year but I'm not taking any chances. If I can't get staffed I know I will get laid off and that's something I don't need right now. I have enough stress with the upcoming baby, wife and of course, our debt.

Wish me luck as I play free agent for the next few weeks!



  1. I wish you only the best. You are a valuable employee. Im sure theyllhave a position for you soon.

    Please posted. And don't sweat it. These things always work out. ;-)

  2. Crossing my fingers that you're back off the bench before you even have time to get comfortable!

  3. My husband used to be a consultant so I know how uncertain it can get. I'm wishing you lots of luck.

  4. Oh, I hope you the best! I hope you find your next project quickly! But in the mean time, enjoy the smaller break.