Thursday, February 23, 2012

Best Buy Balance

It's been a crazy couple of days around here but I never forget about our debt. Below is the remaining balance for our Best Buy account. For those that don't know, the balance was a result of our refrigerator going out around Christmas. We had to purchase a new one and we financed $1,624 dollars.

As you can see, we've paid more than half on the refrigerator. The current balance is $700 dollars. I can't wait for this to be paid off and finally owning the refrigerator. When you buy appliances with debt it always feels like you don't fully own them until they are paid off.



  1. What kind of a big oaf buys a refrigerator on credit, anyway? Clearly you are not committed to eating more economically. If you had spent $100 at a yard sale for a mini-fridge, you'd have 7 used mini-fridges already.
    -Stephanie, Lexington, KY

    (oops, sorry - I guess I am "in a mood." I could not resist beating her to it. You can delete my comment. LOL)

  2. (composing myself now) Good job paying down the Best Buy. At 0% interest, take your time and pay down the interest-charging debts faster. But I know what you mean - sometimes you just want to be free of paying on one more loan, and you want to own the item "free and clear."

  3. Well done! That's more than half paid off. Gone!

    You'll get it paid off soon.

  4. Aint that the truth... it's like a nagging voice in the back of your head that they may just walk in and take the fridge away unitl you've paid it all! And excellent job. You're already halfway and it hasnt even been 3 full months!

  5. That is good. I know paying off my Mastercard ($750) and Kohl's charge ($150) was very satisfying. Last night I also paid my online bill pay of ($130.) Now my only non mortgage debt is: $127 owe my sons dentist & $200 owe my dad.