Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Our Debt for 2012

New year, new goals, new debt. Below is all our credit card debt for 2012. I'm hoping these numbers will only go down this year. I'm done playing the credit card game. I always think of all the things I could do with all that money I'm sending back to our credit cards every month. At the same time we rely on our credit cards for a lot of stuff. I think a lot of the baby expenses will end up on the Citi card this year. I need to find a way to balance things out, I find it easier to charge a purchase and pay for it later.

There you have it. Best Buy is the new debt but I already made a payment for $124 to bring the balance down to $1500. Next you see our Citi Forward card. This card seems to have the same balance every month. Discover still on the list but lower, the balance is now only $1500. The goal is to get rid of Discover as soon as possible and continue making payments to the other accounts.

The good news about all this debt is that I'm still under $10,000. The total added up is only $9,788.61.



  1. Well done!

    Try not to charge too much baby stuff. You'll receive a lot at the baby shower. And just start saving now so you'll be ready. At least that way you wont have to charge anything. Pretend those credit cards aren't an option.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Baby shower! Yes I keep forgetting about that!


  3. I agree with Kelly. Wait until AFTER the baby shower to get stuff. And also, the baby does NOT need the latest designer crap.

  4. Every time you go to target or the grocery store, buy 1 bag of diapers. Helps to spread out the cost. Even better/more cost effective option is cloth. We use the bum genius elemental all-in-one organic cloth diapers. For a $300 investment (which we registered for and got at baby showers), you are set for the duration!


    Also, Craigs list is a great resource for nursery furniture like gliders, dressers, etc.

  5. And ditto what Rhitter94 said: no designer baby stuff! Lol
    Babies don't care about designers. Only mom and dad do. It's truly not necessary. They outgrow things so fast anyway.

    Remember: do I NEED it or do I WANT it? Big difference. ;))

    Babies are cute and don't need designer clothes to make them cuter. They make everything look cute! Like some adults have the ability to do.

  6. I agree with the baby stuff- think of what the baby NEEDS vs what YOU want. The kid probably won't know about the value of stuff or 'want' stuff until they're a year old or so.

    Good job on the cards! And many congrats on being under $10k! Next step, 5k!

  7. Oh seriously. Have any of you folks read this blog for any length of time? Do you really think H is going to buy something from craigslist for his child? Or go with a handmedown? Or buy it from Walmart? Really?

    Do you really think the guy with 32 pairs of Oakley shades is going to buy less than the newest of trendy, designer name gear for this child?

    I look for the credit debt to zing to astronomical proportions after the little one is born.

  8. 32 pairs!? I wish!! we actually shop at Walmart a lot and have been looking at baby items there. I also sell a lot on craigslist and ebay...


  9. Yes... baby shower! You might still end up buying a few higher cost items (such as a crib) that may not be in you shower guests' budget. Or who knows? Maybe they will group together and get some of those things. You should come away from the shower with plenty of clothing, bibs, bottles, baby bathtub, monitor...

    Register for what you want and the guests can buy. Some place like Target is fine for these things. You don't need bibs from the fancy-schmancy baby boutique in River Oaks. You also might want to consider buying/registering for some diapers in the bigger sizes. Lots of folks give the newborn and young infant sizes at showers, forgetting the the kid will eventually grow!

    And seriously, a Walmart crib is fine. Our first, a preemie, was in a 3rd-hand crib till he was 2 and did just fine. Just make sure if it's a hand-me down that it meets current safety guidelines.

    If you want to decorate the nursery, do it in such a way that the room will be suitable for years. My daughter is 8, and her room is maybe due for a change? It's a classic girly-colored room, but certainly not baby-specific.

    I would not buy too much clothing ahead, because sometimes it's hard to predict what size they will wear in what season.