Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bank Of America Website Problems

Bank  of America is down!! This is not good! All of our accounts are there and I can't transfer any money or look at what cleared. I never thought this would happen, what if this is an emergency and I really need cash? Normally I would transfer  money over the iPhone app and just get cash at the ATM but right now I can't access any of our accounts!

I just love seeing these:

BANK OF AMERICA- I'm not happy with you.

Don't even get me started about the $5 dollar fee per debit card. With all our accounts that would I mean I would have to pay $30 per month just to have debit cards?



  1. That stinks. Can you go to the bank and get cash? Or make it a no spend weekend?

    I am trying not to spend at all today and tomorrow (have no money to do so, lol.) And we are trying to pool a few things to sell.

    Yesterday we took 5 Wii games to Gamestop and they offerred us $5 cash to turn them in. I wish it was more, as they will resell for like at least $40, but $5 is $5.

    I also have a few DVD's and my Kindle that I am going to see about selling as well.

    I don't have enough for a yard sale, but am hoping to make enough to pay my gas bill ($70.)

    Hope you guys aren't starnded without money this weekend.

  2. HS - that is exactly what it means. I have the same issue. I use B of A, but I do not plan on using my debit card at all. In fact, I am going to ditch the card so that I don't use it.

  3. why would you need more than 2 debit cards? I despise BoA, they have our mortgage and I hate dealing with them.

  4. 6 cards for 2 people?

    You complaining about $30 a month for your cards is like that junkie who calls the cops when the heroin he bought turns out to be 90% baking soda.

    You do realize just because you have checks in the checkbook or tons of accounts with a bank doesn't mean you have money right?

    I would like to say I am in disbelief, but this 6 accounts thing makes perfect sense. I'm sure its another part of your misguided master plan to organize your finances. "This account is for blah blah blah, and the other account helps us blah blah blah, and we never touch this account blah blah blah, and the 4th account is from when blah blah blah...".

    How far off am I in your rationalization? Your like a fat chick who's read a Library of Congress worth of diet books but still weighs 250.

    You need to quit with the systems and tricks and hair-brained ideas.
    I say that as someone who takes great entertainment in your misery and stupidity and wishes it to continue.

    The good news for me is, no matter how much good advice you get, it will.

  5. I work at a bank. The Bank of America fee thing is sending our customers into a frenzy. I do NOT work at Bank of America. However, Bank of America is going to start charging $5 every time you USE your debit card.

    It is not $5 per card, it is $5 for every. single. swipe of that card.

  6. FOR EVERY SWIPE?! That makes no sense!!????


  7. Actually UhOh! it is $5 a month to have the privilege to use the debit card. Not $5 per transaction.

    Not that I believe they should charge people to use their own money (where as with a credit card I feel you should pay interest because it is someone else's money you are borrowing), but I also don't think falsification of facts should be propagated either.

    Just trying to set the record straight.

  8. Oh please. BOA is not going to charge $5 for every swipe. That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever read. Get your facts straight @uhoh before you fearmonger.

  9. So I was wrong; it happens. Remember, when working for a bank, you get every ounce of information shoved at you while your bank tries to out-do other banks. Some banks actually do charge you for every swipe; if you choose the debit option instead of credit. It is not that unheard of. But I can admit when wrong; there is no need, at all, to act rude about it. A simple "hey uhoh, it actually is $5 a month, here's a link!" would have sufficed. Remember, not everyone is a jerk and some of us can and will admit wrong information.

  10. That's better so it's also only if you use the debt card. We only use 2 cards one for me and one for the wife so that would be 10 per month... still seems a bit high... Could always go with credit cards only and pay off balance every month. Yea Right! LOL