Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No Raise For 2010

I met with my manager this morning and he informed me I will not be receiving a performance increase for the coming year. If you recall from my archives, I did not get a raise last year. I don't understand what happened, I worked hard and I met all my performance and objective goals. My rating for this year exceeded expectations. He mentioned I should be thankful for having a job and that my salary was already way more than the market average.

I wonder if he is aware that prices are going up, even at Walmart:

I was thinking WTF! I guess it's time to update the resume a look for a new job.

What would you do? work less? come in late and leave earlier?


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Discover Card

We cut up Citi a few weeks ago and that balance is finally starting to do down. Since we can't seem to live without credit cards, we quietly started using our Discover card again this past couple of weeks and now I'm starting to regret that decision. Things came up and I don't like draining my emergency fund. I had some car maintenance that was over $800 and that same week I needed new tires which added another $677 to the balance. Couple of charges here and there and the balance is now well over $2,500:

The plan is to cut up this card but after making massive credit card payments every month, we can't seem to live on just our salaries. My average credit card payments are over $1500 every month. I keep thinking if I pay off all these credit cards I can start using cash only but I'm stuck in a cycle where I keep charging and paying things back.

Perhaps I need a new job. Most of my colleagues have been leaving our company and going to competitors. A couple of my friends both got $30,000 raises putting them well over six figures.

Will more money solve my problems? probably not but it sure would be nice :)