Friday, March 26, 2010

Discover Bank

Today I got my new Discover Bank account. This account was transferred from E*Trade, I'm not sure if they sold it or if Discover acquired their accounts. Either way I'm happy, E*Trade is not a company I trusted, I think Discover is a much better company. I've never had any issues with their credit cards and their customer service is great, I've never had to talk to anyone in India.

Here is my new account:

Notice the interest rate is 1.34% this rate is higher than HSBC and FNBO Direct. I will probably move all our money from FNBO to Discover Bank. I still need to close Emigrant Direct, I haven't logged in to that account in months.

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Citi Thank You Rewards

This morning I cashed in on all my Citi Thank You network points, I got 7 gift cards to Best Buy for 42,000 points! I chose Best Buy since electronics are my obsession. In total I got $350 dollars in gift cards, all just for using my Citi card over the last couple of years.

I also pulled all my previous orders and as you can see I'm almost up to $1000 in Citi gift cards. This is tax free money since I never received a 1099 from them. I still need to redeem $50 from Discover. I also have over 10,000 points with American Express, I could get a $50 Amex gift card or $100 card to store like Bath and Body Works or Home Depot. I haven't decided what to do with those points yet.

Below are all my Citi rewards since 2006, along with the most recent purchase at the top:

Notice you used to be able to get a $50 dollar gift card to Best Buy for 5,000 points, now the same gift card is 6,000.

I love credit card rewards!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

2009 Tax Return

Our taxes are done! I finally got around getting all our forms, W2's, 1099's and receipts together and filed last night. I used TaxAct which is free but I had to pay $9.95 to add all my stock transactions. I'm happy with TaxAct, I been using since 2002 when I did my first Efile, we've never had any issues or problems with them.

Our tax refund this year is $2250! I wasn't expecting to get this much since Obama gave us a payroll credit back in April 2009. I can't complain, more money is always a good thing. $250 of that is from the sale of company stock which went down right before I sold it. I also increased contributions to my 401k so that probably also helped with our return.

The money will be in my checking account in 7 days. The wife wants $1000 to book a vacation and the other $1000 will probably go to Citi. The remaining $250 will go towards home repairs, I need to get our sprinkler system fixed.

How much was your refund this year?


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Macy's Credit Card

As some of my readers know, my wife loves to shop at Macy's using their store credit card. We always pay off the bills every month and we never carry a balance with them. This morning I was paying a different bill and I was surprised to see the APR one of their statements:

As you can see, the annual percentage rate on this card is 24.50%. I also included the added benefits she likes about the card but with rates that high I think it may be better to stick with cash.

She won't give up the card BUT for any of my readers who are thinking about getting this credit card, think again! a $2000 balance will easily charge well over $40 in interest per month. Simply not worth it, always reject the pressure at the store to open an account and save 10%.


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