Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 2010 Updates

Hi everyone, I'm currently traveling with my job so I figured I would take a break to update our blog. I been busy the past few weeks but at least my company pays me an extra $50 per day tax free. I'll be done with this project in a few weeks and I have a new client lined up back home in Houston.

Credit cards- our credit card debt still around $4,200. I'm not too worried about the balance, I'm just hoping that Citi won't raise our interest rate as a courtesy of Obama's new credit cards laws.

Auto- the wife's car is almost paid off, it is a 2006 model with 39,000 miles. We purchased her car new back in 2005. I think we paid $32,000 and the rate is 2.9%. Her monthly payment is around $500. I went to Carmax online and the same car with the same amount of miles is currently selling for $21,999. I could take the money out of savings and pay this off but with such a low rate I think I will probably just wait. Also since I'm not a Dave Ramsey fanatic I don't need to rush and get this out of our lives or the sky will fall LOL. I'll try to have a post about the car in the coming months with screen shots of the payments etc.

I'm also currently working on our taxes. Thanks to Obama's Making Work Pay tax credit our refund this year will be around $1200, that's almost $1000 less than what we got last year. Back then I tried putting most of the extra money in my 401k but I forgot about my wife's paycheck, it seems we wasted that extra $1000 on nothing. We will probably spend half of our return on stuff and put the other half on savings.

I hope everyone is having a good week!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

HSBC Advance

I wanted to let everyone know that HSBC Direct changed its name to HSBC Advance. They will still offer the same very low rates, along with CD's and all the other stuff. The current rate for their online savings account is 1.20! More information below:

I also got an email from Etrade, they are selling all their online savings account to Discover Bank. I don't keep a lot of money at Etrade but if you do, the change might impact your rates, hopefully Discover has better rates.