Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Citi Forward Balance

Quick update on our Citi credit card. We still have a balance of over $4,000! I made payments close to $2500 but we continue to use the card. The reality is that things come up, friends want to go out and the small things really add up:

No plans to pay this off this year, with the holidays coming up and our HOA dues we've decided to put this off until 2010. Our goal then is to stop using the credit card and pay $500 a month.

I will have some more of our bills later on this week.


Friday, November 6, 2009

Our Bills T-Mobile

Here is another one of our bills, this bill is from our cell phone provider. Both of our cell phones are with T-Mobile. We have been customers since 2002. As some of my readers know, we like the Iphone, the wife and I both have Iphones on T-Mobile.

We are currently on one of their older plans. We pay $69.99 for 1000 anytime shared minutes with free nights and weekends. We also have unlimited text on both lines for $19.99 per month. I also subscribe to their unlimited data plan for $9.99 per month on my line. The wife does not have data on her line. We also get a 12% monthly discount from my employer so that usually reduces the bill by $10.

We don't get any paper bills, normally I send a text message to request my balance or I can log in online. The bill is paid using billpay from Bank of America. The balance is usually the same, unless I have to make long distance calls overseas. Below you can see the balance from last month:

We are happy with T-mobile and don't have any plans to switch carriers. We cut the home phone service 3 years ago so that saves us a little money every month. As you can see $100.24 is not a bad deal, this is one bill I don't mind paying every month.