Monday, June 29, 2009

iPhone Addiction

I am obsessed with the Apple iPhone. I might have some kind of addiction to these tiny electronic devices and now this is starting to cost me money. Just last week the new iPhone 3GS was released and I rushed to get my hands on one. I paid the full unsubsidized price of $599 since I’m a T-mobile customer. The sad part is I can’t even use this device yet since there is no unlock solution for the iPhone 3GS. My wife also has an iPhone, she carries around the 8gb 2g version covered in Ed Hardy bling:

Last week I purchased another iPhone 3g from a friend for $275. Together we now own 4 of these phones! This obsession started back in 2007 with the original iPhone. Last week Apple made a lot of the updates like copy/past and MMS so today I can finally say this is the perfect device for me. I have all my life on this device. Over 120 contacts, all my work email, all my videos, music and pictures. The phone also syncs with my car using Bluetooth so I can talk hands free when I drive. I also have a lot of applications loaded, my favorite one is the free Pandora radio.

If you don’t see my credit card balances drop this week, please blame it on Apple and their iPhone!!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

iPhone 3G S

The new Iphone 3G S will be coming out tomorrow. I will be one of the people waiting on line at the Apple store! I plan on getting a 8gb model and will probably have to pay $599 since I hate AT&T and refuse to pay for their plans. I'm hoping to have the phone unlocked and ready for use on T-mobile!

Where is the money coming from? It's actually coming from Apple! I bought some Apple stock back in March so I've made close to $600 dollars, technically this is a free Iphone! courtesy of Apple, Thanks Steve Jobs and Apple!

Don't worry, Discover is on track to be paid off this month and it will be closed in July. I have $27 dollars in cash back to redeem. I will probably just convert $20 in to a $25 dollar gift card and lose $7 dollars.

Don't forget, pick up your Iphone tomorrow!


Friday, June 12, 2009

June Spending

I'm home! I was on the road for 2 weeks and I'm ready to come back to reality. I spent 6 nights in New York working with one of our software vendors and learning about their products. I visited Long Island and Manhattan, ate great food and did some shopping. I charged all New York expenses to my American Express Corporate Card. The average cost of eating in New York was $40 per day not counting alcohol. I spent $100 one night having dinner at Mesa Grill on Fifth Avenue, luckily my company picks up the tab! Below is the balance for 6 days in New York:

The day after arriving from New York we flew out to Cancun, Mexico. We stayed at the Excellence Playa Mujeres resort, which is a 5 star hotel 40 minutes north of Cancun. It was all inclusive so we had no expenses, the alcohol was included and the food was outstanding. We spent $100 for tips, transportation and some gifts. This vacation was charged to Discover, I payed down the balance a bit last month but we still owe over $1500!

We also charged some Duty Free alcohol purchases to the Citi Professional Card. This is the card my wife used for her trip to Las Vegas last month, so the balance there is over $1800:

She stayed at the Wynn Resort which is very expensive, the cheapest glass of wine she could find was $15. She also did a little bit of shopping and of course gambling.

Yikes! over $3000 charged in the last 60 days and back in to DEBT! I still think we have spending problems but life happens. The plan is to pay off Discover in June and cancel it. Then we plan to pay Citi in July and put it away. My company will take care of the Amex bill.


Friday, June 5, 2009


Quick update: I am traveling from New York City to Mexico this weekend. I will be leaving LaGuardia and heading to Houston. From there I will be going to Mexico. I had a great time in NYC working with our client and learning about their business. Next week I will be in Cancun taking a quick vacation. I will post all my balances when I come back around Thursday or Friday... I've charged a few things on the credit cards :(

Have a good weekend and don't use credit cards!