Ha! This is a bit of a crazy post! I had a little bit of extra money (money I should be sending to the cc) in my PayPal account and decided to buy a $1,000 bill! I am the proud owner of a 1934 banknote that still legal tender and can be deposited at a bank. I won’t say how much I paid for it but it was well over $1,500. The note will be added to my currency collection which is around $5,000 in face value. What started as a trading hobby, has now lead to me hoarding most of the currency I’m supposed to be re-selling for profit. One day I will cash in and hopefully come out way ahead. Not much you can do with a $1,000 note but it’s always fun to bring it out and show friends. You may remember I also have a $500 bill but not the one on that post, I actually sold that one and picked up a newer and better looking note. Anyways here’s my crazy eBay purchase:

Sorry, not sure why blogger is rotating the picture. The stack of $2’s you see there are 100 notes in brand new uncirculated condition. I pick those up at Bank of America locally and I sell them on eBay for $250. They do have to be brand new and in sequential numbering to get that much but not a bad deal for money I can get at the bank. I’m currently searching all banks downtown for a stack of star $2’s from 2013, each one of those notes sells for $15 since not many were printed but no luck finding a pack and my bank tellers are getting tired of me asking.

I have a few more notes on my list that I want to get but this is as much as I will ever spend on a piece of paper, most of the other notes I want cost around $300 to $400.

What do you think? Would you ever buy a $1000 bill?